WEAPON shoot 7 nuts!
BUBBLE protects you from one collision!
BOOST boost you over all enemies!
REDBOOST faster and longer than the green boost!
CLOUD collect 3 clouds and run over the rainbow!
TROWING STARS throw dangerous ninjastars!
FIREWALL collect 3 firewall-balls and burn nearly everything!
FRIENDS your friends will clear your way!
BOMB clear your way with a bomb! Good weapon against bosses.
FREEZER freezes your enemies!
EXTRALIFE start your next round with one more life!
DOULBECHEESE Golden cheese within the next run. tastes better and has double value
BOOSTSTRAT Need a jump start? boost up to 3.500 points from the start!
BUBBLESTART No better Way to protect you. Get bubble protection from the start!
WASP a evil flying enemy
MOLE the urban guy of the woods
FLYING ENEMY the wing pilot of the sewer
TENTAKLE this sub-floor guy life into gullies
GOST the most disembodied guy of the Game
TROLL Trolls are usually very grumpy